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In Calif. Each Year: 2,000 Bears Killed by Hunters and Packs of Dogs

Approximately 2,000 black bears are killed every year in California where it remains legal to hunt bears who weigh over 50 pounds (including cubs) with packs of dogs. The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has now proposed radical changes to bear hunting regulations that would allow even more bear killing. California residents: we need your help to stop this proposal.

If approved, the Department's proposal will:

  • allow an unlimited number of bears to be killed across California during the hunting season;
  • permit the use of high-tech global positioning equipment and "tip switches" on dog collars to make it easy to locate and kill a bear at point-blank range;
  • open the first-ever bear hunting season in San Luis Obispo county and expand the hunts in Modoc and Lassen counties; and
  • significantly expand the hound training season thereby allowing dogs to harass bears nearly all year long.

The DFG has not demonstrated any need for these regulatory changes other than to allow for greater recreational opportunities for hunters. The DFG proposal makes no mention what detrimental effects these changes would have on bear populations and habitat nor does the proposal suggest that these changes are designed to reduce bear/human conflicts.

Take Action!
Letters of opposition are needed by March 13, 2010 from California residents. DFG needs to hear from you that you find this proposal unnecessary, inhumane and reckless. California's bears are depending on you! Send a letter through Animal Legal Defense Fund's website today!

Please also spread the word and make plans to attend the upcoming Fish & Game Commission meeting where this proposal will be discussed and voted on.

Thursday, April 8th
Beach Resort Monterey
2600 Sand Dunes Drive
Monterey, CA

Thank you for taking action to protect California's black bears!


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