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Impatient Customer Leaves Racist Message In Tip Line On Restaurant Receipt (Photos)

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An impatient customer at a Thai restaurant wrote a racist message in the tip line on his receipt because he had to wait longer than he preferred for his food.

According to reports, the incident happened last week at Fa-Sai Thai restaurant in Anaheim, California. The customer in question had to wait for his food because the popular restaurant was particularly busy. Instead of being patient or complaining to restaurant staff, however, the hungry customer wrote a derogatory remark about Asian people in the tip line on his receipt.

“Hurry the f**k up, zipperhead,” the note read. The racist term is one used towards people of Asian descent, and reportedly originated during the Korean War when enemy troops would be run over by jeeps – leaving marks on their deceased bodies resembling zippers.

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The restaurant’s owner, CJ Jetphukthai, shared the shocking receipt on Facebook.

“It was a very busy night at my Thai restaurant tonight. This gentleman had to wait for his food for the whole 15 minutes,” Jetphukthai said. “And he wrote this on his credit card slip ... Thank you for your kind understanding and your word of encouragement .. We know the world revolves around you .. And no one else matters but you.”

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