Impala Barely Escapes Crocodile Attack (Video)


A thirsty impala thought it was taking an innocent drink at a watering hole, but a crocodile had another idea and the incident almost turned tragic.

A video posted on YouTube by Shenton Safaris shows the parched impala head to a watering hole to take a drink, but just as it’s taking a sip on the edge of the river, a crocodile comes bursting through the water in an attempt to ambush the impala. Luckily, the impala is able to think quickly and narrowly escapes being struck.

Not long after, an entire pack of impalas comes to the river’s edge to get a drink, and once again, the crocodile launches an attack. Thankfully, all of the impalas in the pack are able to get away.

“It's risky business being an thirsty impala on the edge of the Luangwa
River,” Shenton Safaris writes along with the video on YouTube.

Check out the action in the clip below.

Sources: TheBlaze, Daily Viral Updates, Tastefully Offensive


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