Impaired Driver Raymond Pennington Hits Three Goats In Oklahoma After Trying To Avoid One


An Oklahoma man, who tried to avoid hitting a goat with his vehicle, ended up hitting three. The driver was reportedly impaired when the accident took place. reports that the accident happened a few miles outside Nowata, Okla. Animals on the roadway were blamed for the crash, but cops indicated driver Raymond Pennington had been drinking.

The 54-year-old from Claremore, Okla., was reportedly ejected from the pickup he was driving northbound on County Road North-South 421. He was brought to a Tulsa hospital where he was listed in fair condition.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol collision report indicated that Pennington’s driving ability was impaired by drinking alcohol and he reportedly was not wearing a seatbelt.

This isn’t the first time that goats have caused a problem on the roads this year. The Inquisitr notes that in May, traffic was halted for two hours in New Jersey until a goat that got loose could be captured.

Other animals have been known to cause traffic delays, but few recent stories were as disturbing as when a seven-mile traffic backup took place in Washington state after a truck spilled dead animal parts across two lanes of an interstate, according to CBS News back in August.

Sources:, The Inquisitr, CBS News


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