Immigration Crisis Linked To American Parents Spanking Their Children, Commentators Claim


As political commentators continue to come up with more reasons why the United States is currently facing a major immigration crisis, the answers only seem to get weirder as time goes on. 

With politicians and citizens alike divided on the rather delicate issue, everyone from current and past presidents to everyday parents are being blamed for the humanitarian and economic crisis.

A few sources, including Slate and Mother Jones, have contended that a major contributing factor to the immigration crisis is the fact that American parents refuse to give up their rights to spank their children. Part of the complexity of this situation is based upon the United States' unorthodox children's rights laws.

While the U.S. has signed the U.N.'s Convention On The Rights Of The Child, it has not been ratified in this country. Part of this treaty states that each child immigrant be given legal counsel and a proper trial before being deported by a country.

Amanda Marcotte of Slate believes she knows why America is so hesitant to ratify the treaty.

Marcotte writes, “[T]he reason the U.S. has not ratified the treaty is because our country’s very powerful Christian right has blocked any attempt to do so, mostly because they’re afraid that it will make it illegal to spank your children."

She also states, referring to the United States' current policy of handling child immigrants, “Much of this process just happens to be in direct violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child."

While this is just one theory as to why the immigration crisis has reached its present state of urgency, it does shed some light on how complex the issues are that surround the crisis.


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