'I'm Not A Robot': Mom's Strange Reason For Refusing To Follow Airline Orders (Video)


A mother flying with her infant daughter on an airplane ticked off some fellow flyers recently when she refused to turn down the volume on her tablet. The woman was reported by the airline for disturbing the flight, and was confronted by officers when she exited the plane. She recorded the ensuing conversation.

The mother tells officers that her two-year-old won’t wear headphones. Of course, this means the passengers in her section were stuck listening to Blue’s Clues for hours on end. Some of the passengers couldn’t handle that, so they asked the airline to deal with the situation.

The officer explains to the mother that airlines all have rules for passenger conduct, and being relatively quiet is one of them. The mom didn’t like that notion.

“If they tell you something, you need to follow their directions,” the officer says.

“No, I do not have to comply. I’m a paying customer,” she responds.

The officer says again that passengers must follow reasonable, lawful rules of an airline. The woman says she doesn’t have to because, well, she’s not a robot.

“No I don’t,” she says. “No I don’t, because I’m not a robot. I’m not a robot. Do I look like a robot?”

Despite the officer’s explanation, the woman couldn’t seem to grasp why the entire flight wouldn’t want to listen to her daughter's show. 

Here’s video of the exchange:

H/T: Mommyish


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