Illinois Teenager Fatally Stabbed at School

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Illinois police report that one of two teenage students involved in a stabbing at an inner-city Chicago school has died of his injuries, according to CNN.

Thursday morning a 17-year-old attacker pulled out a knife in the front corridor of AMIKids Infinity School and stabbed two of his teenage classmates. School officials rushed the stabbing victims to the hospital, but one student's injuries were too substantial. He died in the hospital.

"It's a tragedy for us," said the Vice President of AMIKids Infinity School Shawna Vercher. "Our hearts are with the families involved, and we are going to make sure our priorities are with those families. We will offer our support to help them get through this crisis."

AMIKids Infinity School serves a poor area of Chicago's notorious south side and has had problems with violence in the past. They recently introduced a new screening process intended to keep weapons out of school, which makes this recent tragedy all the more frustrating.

The alleged attacker supposedly circumvented the screening process by initiating the stabbing in the front corridor, an area outside the screening zone. No charges have yet been filed.


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