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Illinois Police Sergeant Uses Stun Gun On Hit-And-Run Victim (Video)

A victim of a hit-and-run crash says he is now scarred for life after a Blue Island, Ill., police officer used a stun gun on him.

Donald Flores approached police looking for help after being on the wrong end of a hit-and-run incident in June 2012.

Flores was covered in blood as he was walking home, and Blue Island Police responded to a call to check up on him.

It was going well until he encountered Sgt. Schultz, who Flores says screamed at him, “‘Are you out of your effin’ mind? You’re bleeding.’”

Flores yelled back, and that’s when the sergeant threatened to use a stun gun on him.

Flores has an electronic spinal device treating a previous hand injury, and when the stun gun was used, he allegedly started having a seizure.

“When I was seizing they told me, ‘Stop it. Quit resisting,’” Flores says.

Obviously this didn't help his condition.

"I just wanted to go home to basically die, where I felt more at peace," Flores told CBS 2 Chicago.

Blue Island attorney, Patrick Ward, says the opposite happened. Flores was being aggressive and that he pushed the sergeant, causing him to fall backward.

He also insists Flores didn’t tell officers about the device until after he was hit with the stun gun and that their actions were justified.

Attorney Time Fiscella says Flores couldn’t have harmed anyone because he was disabled and was injured in the crash that night.

There was no internal investigation of the incident. Any use of a stun gun requires an internal review, according to CBS 2.

Flores was charged with resisting arrest, battery and assault on the night of the incident, but was cleared of all charges. He is suing the Blue Island Police Department.

Chicago-based Kreisman Law Offices notes that taser gun injuries in the Chicago area have been reported in recent years, ranging from an unarmed, handcuffed teen to an 82-year-old woman tasered by police.


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