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Illinois Police Kill 'Suspicious Person' Photographing Schools (Video)

Police shot and killed an unidentified "suspicious person" who was carrying a BB gun and taking pictures of two schools in Zion, Illinois, on Jan. 6 (video below).

Lake County Sheriff’s Detective Christopher Corelli announced at a press conference that the male suspect wore a "tactical-style vest with homemade metal inserts inside of the vest," reports WLS-TV.

Police say officers confronted the man outside a school, chased him into an ally, struggled with him and fatally shot the suspect, according to WGN.

Corelli said that the Lake County Major Crime Task Force would be investigating why the man was taking pictures of schools, which is a lawful activity.

At least seven schools were put on lockdown during the incident.

Authorities have said the man was 38 years old and white, but have not revealed how many times he was shot, notes the Chicago Tribune. The cops reportedly used a stun gun on the suspect, which was ineffective because the man wore heavy winter clothing.

The Zion Police Department did not identify the two police officers involved in the fatal shooting, but did say they were placed on paid administrative leave during an investigation of the incident.

Sources: WLS-TV,Chicago Tribune, WGN/YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot WGN/YouTube

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