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Tanya Shannon Disappears after Car Accident, Husband Dies

Police in Illinois are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a woman who disappeared from a car accident in Illinois that left her husband dead.

Dale and Tanya Shannon were driving home from a Christmas party early Sunday when the car apparently spun out of control and hit a pole. Dale Shannon, 41, broke his back and was killed. But Tanya Shannon, 40, is nowhere to be found.

Police believe she survived the crash because they found a set footprints leading from the car as well as a shoe that is believed to be hers.

Police say investigators did not find anything at the scene that would tell them if Tanya Shannon was badly injured. A check of local hospitals turned up nothing.

Officers and firefighters across the state are aiding the search -- on the ground and by air -- but the winter weather is hampering the investigation. Dogs are also searching a mile in each direction for her scent.

Dale Shannon's sister Donna Baker said, "It's crazy. We are holding on to every ounce of hope we have, just hope for a safe return for mom and for the kids. It's been like a nightmare you can't wake up from. The worst."

Baker said the two looked happy at the party. "They were having a great time. They were dancing together, laughing and very much in love with each other."

The Shannons were married for 20 years and have four daughters.


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