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Illinois Man Roger Herrin Returns $500K Insurance Payment With 4 Tons of Quarters

One man in St. Louis, Illinois, knows the true meaning of a heavy fine. When ordered to repay $500,000 in insurance payments related to a car crash that killed his son, Roger Herrin obliged. But he paid in pounds; not British pounds, but rather 8,000 pounds of American quarters.

According to the Associated Press, the 76-year-old retired foot surgeon lugged 150 transparent sacks of quarters off an armored vehicle. Obtained from the state Federal Reserve, each sack of quarters weighed approximately 50 pounds each.

In 2001 a truck smashed into the side of a car, killing Herrin’s son who was riding in the passenger's seat. The three other occupants survived. Roger Herrin received $1.6 million from his own insurance company. An additional provider awarded the occupants of the car, as a group, $800,000. Because Herrin’s son was the only occupant who died, the Herrin estate received the bulk of the money.

However, the other survivors appealed the apportionment of money, arguing they deserved more. The 5th District Appellate Court ruled in their favor and now, Roger Herrin, a retired foot surgeon, is being asked to repay to the other survivors $500,000.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, his chosen form of payment was intentional.

"I just wanted to draw attention to what went on here," says Herrin with a bit of a laugh. "I really wanted to do it in pennies."

If he could not change the court payment, Herrin was determined pay the court in change. Herrin acknowledges, despite the vindictive joy of the stunt, it was in retribution for what he considers a serious wrong.

Sources: Associated Press


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