Illinois Man Punches Cop, Says He Thought He Was Bar Patron Dressed For Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Go out and celebrate the holiday however you like, but remember: just because some people dress up as cops for Halloween doesn’t mean everyone you see in a police officer uniform is faking it. There are still real officers out there.

“Well duh…” you’re probably thinking, but check this out: a man involved in a bar fight in Illinois on Sunday punched a police officer because he thought he was just an ordinary person dressed as an officer. Something tells me alcohol played a not-so-small factor in his lack of judgment.

The fight broke out between Andres Lopez, 25, and a woman at a Naperville, Illinois bar. The two say they did not know each other prior to that night. The fight continued outside of the bar and several friends got involved. At one point, the daughter of the woman fighting with Lopez was pushed to the ground.

After seeing the girl fall to the ground, Naperville police Sgt. Lou Cammiso intervened in an attempt to break up the fight. That’s when Lopez punched Cammiso. He later told Naperville officers he thought Cammiso was another bar patron dressed as a police officer for Halloween.

It doesn’t appear that Lopez was the worst offender in the fight. One of his friends, Marcin Klepinowski, elbowed another officer in the face and refused to be restrained.  Police had to use a stun gun to subdue him. Klepinowski was charged with battery and resisting a peace officer.

Sgt. Cammiso told the Chicago Tribune that civilians misidentifying officers on Halloween has never been a problem in the past.

"As an organization I think we feel pretty comfortable we're pretty well identified," he said. "But it is Halloween."

Sources: Chicago Tribune, NBC Chicago


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