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'This Is A Tornado': Illinois Man Films Tornado Coming Towards Him (Video)

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A risk taker in Rochelle, Illinois, captured a brief moment of the terrifying tornado that ripped through portions of the Midwest last week.

Video footage (shown below) taken by a man sitting in his truck during the tornado surfaced online, and followed the twister as it made its way towards the daring cameraman.

“This is a tornado and I cannot tell which way it is going, so I don’t know how to get away from it,” the man says while driving closer to the dangerous twister. “It looks like it’s coming right towards me. I’d say it’s going to come right over me.”

As the video progresses, the tornado quickly moves towards the man, seemingly about to engulf him and his vehicle.

“The truck feels like it’s about to lift up off the ground,” the man says as the twister goes by. The tornado passes quickly, and the man remains safe inside his truck.

While the man filming the video was left unharmed by the dangerous storm, many throughout the Midwest suffered damage to their homes and severe injuries. Two people in the hamlet of Fairdale, Illinois, were killed. While the town of Rochelle – where the video was filmed – was left relatively untouched by the twister, Fairdale and nearby Kirland were two of the most devastated areas from the storm.

Watch the unbelievable video below.

Sources: LiveLeak, CNN / Photo Credit:


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