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Illinois Man Arrested After Assaulting Daughter's 6-Year-Old Bully

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Illinois man Malvin Crain was arrested and charged on Monday after he allegedly assaulted a 6-year-old boy who is said to have bullied his daughter.

Collinsville Maj. Rick Wittenauer said the 33-year-old man turned himself into police after allegedly assaulting the boy on a school bus.

Witnesses reported that Crain pulled out a belt and threatened to strike the boy who had reportedly bullied his daughter, warning that he would hurt the boy if he didn’t stop harassing his daughter. Police reported that the bus driver and a monitor immediately ordered Crain off the bus and he left without further confrontation.

When asked why Crain was allowed on the bus in the first place, Collinsville School superintendent Bob Green said that parents sometimes embark on the bus to ask questions or deliver information.

“They didn’t think the parent was going to get out of control and do anything,” Green said of the bus driver and monitor.

Green added that he received word of the bullying days before the incident occurred, though he believed the case was a done deal. The principal of the unnamed school allegedly contacted the parent of the 6-year-old and the parent of the young girl, according to Green, who said the principal followed standard procedure.

"This morning the father came to school, told him everything was fine we have it taken care of, and apparently the parent went to the bus stop,” Green said.

Crain was charged with battery and aggravated assault, which are both class A misdemeanors. He was released after posting bond.

No injuries were reported.

Sources: Fox News, CBS News / Photo Credit: CBS, Flickr


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