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Michigan Gang Rape, Robbery Case Dismissed After Accusers Fail To Attend Hearing

A Detroit case involving three men charged with robbing a man and gang raping a woman was dismissed in court Tuesday morning.

Chico Bruce, 22, Antoine Edward-Ikie Orr, 18, and a 17-year-old faced 19 charges, including 13 counts of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, and charges for robbery and kidnapping, according to WXYZ.

The three men were in court for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday at Michigan's 26th District Court when prosecutors said the man and woman would not be pursuing charges, asking Judge Kenneth King to dismiss the case.

The male and female accuser failed to appear in court on Tuesday--the man reportedly could not be located, and the woman refused to testify, according to WDIV.

"For a case of this magnitude, with this much publicity, for it to be dismissed--it is a little surprising," Orr's attorney Richard Glanda said to WXYZ.

The incident allegedly occurred on the evening of July 16, when six men approached the 21-year-old woman and her 22-year-old male friend and pulled out a gun on them. The two accusers were then forced into an alley, where the woman alleges she was raped and the man assaulted and robbed.

"The descriptions didn't fit my clients description," Glanda said, "But as far as the other two, I really can't comment on those."

The Wayne County Prosecutor's office said further investigations will be conducted, and the three men can still face charges.

Sources: WXYZ, Detroit News, WDIV

Photo Credit: WDIV


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