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Illinois Couple Refuses To Pay $83 Fare After Having Sex In Cab

An intoxicated Illinois couple took a 40-minute cab ride -- during which they stripped and had sex -- and then refused to pay the cab driver the $83 fare.

The couple took the cab from Rosemont to Orland Park on Feb. 9, but when they reached their destination they didn’t have money to pay the fare.

The incensed driver called 911 for help.

Police said when they responded to the 15500 block of Sunset Ridge Drive they found clothing “strewn throughout the taxi” and two incoherent passengers.

Police prompted the 27-year-old man to use his mother’s credit card to pay for the ride, then he left his 31-year-old date to find her own way home.

She was taken to the police station. Her brother drove from an hour away to pick her up.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Daily Mail


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