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Illinois Cops Tip College Student Over In Desk To Arrest Her, She Sues (Video)

Jaclyn Pazera filed a lawsuit against the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, on Nov. 5. The ex-student claims that two campus officers used excessive force when they took her into custody in December 2014 (video below).

Pazera claims that it all began when she was outside smoking during a break, and a campus police officer gave her a verbal warning about not lighting up, notes ABC 7 Chicago.

Pazera asserts that she was followed back into her philosophy class by two officers who informed her that she was being arrested for trespassing even though she showed them her student ID.

In the video, two officers struggle with Pazera, flip over her desk, she falls to the ground and they arrest her. Pazera was charged with obstructing a peace officer and resisting a peace officer, but the charges were dropped in October, reports Fox 32 Chicago.

Pazera also claimed that the police threatened to use a Taser on the witness who filmed the incident, who was reportedly a teacher.

Pazera added that she has suffered injuries wrist and shoulder because of the police arrest.

"I had two fully grown men on my back pushing me into the ground," Pazera said at a press conference.

College spokesman Randall Samborn said in a statement, "The College of DuPage just learned of, but has not yet reviewed, the lawsuit that was filed today. Student safety is of utmost importance to us. Of course, we will investigate to determine the facts and take appropriate action."

Sources: ABC 7 Chicago, Fox 32 Chicago / Photo Credit: Fox 32 Chicago Screenshot


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