Cop Suspended For Saying Darren Wilson 'Did Society A Favor' By Killing Michael Brown


A police officer in Elgin, Illinois, has been suspended after posting an insensitive comment on Facebook regarding the shooting of Michael Brown.

Officer Jason A. Lentz, 40, of the Elgin Police Department, has been placed on administrative leave while the department investigates his post. On August 15, Lentz reportedly posted a link to surveillance footage showing 18-year-old unarmed shooting victim Michael Brown allegedly stealing from a convenience store just before he was shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson on August 9. Along with the link to the video, Lentz posted an insensitive and inappropriate comment saying that Brown deserved to die.

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“Hmmm ... innocent victim my ass,” Lentz wrote. “Did society a favor,"

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This is reportedly the fourth time that the 17-year veteran of the Elgin Police Department has been suspended, and his comment about Michael Brown was not the last time he posted about the shooting.

On August 17, the Daily Mail reports that Lentz posted a photo of Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who happens to be black, posing with another black man. Lentz seemed to be angry over the fact that Johnson, an officer of the law, was sympathizing with civilians who have been protesting Brown’s death and calling for action against Officer Wilson.

“This is Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson,” wrote Lentz along with the picture. “He’s also in the Chicago Tribune hugging protesters. Just awesome…appears to be the enemy within.”

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Another officer reportedly told his superiors about Lentz’s first Michael Brown post, and late last month, he was suspended from the department while they continue to investigate whether or not his words violated their social media policy.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Herald, ABC 7 Chicago


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