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Illinois Community Could Drop Ordinance Requiring Gun Ownership

Officials in the small community of Goreville in southern Illinois are thinking about ditching an old village ordinance that requires residents to own a firearm.

According to local news source, Carbondale Southern Illinoisan, Goreville officials accepted the measure back in 1980 after a community near Chicago voted to ban firearms in homes. Illinois has had a shaky relationship with firearms over the years, but the small community of Goreville was more than willing at the time to stand apart from their pro-gun control neighbors.

That sentiment has faded over time. Somewhat ironically, Goreville residents might have been breaking the law without even realizing it. Town officials believed that the law had been removed years ago, but the village attorney shocked the community when he stumbled across the decades-old ordinance.

In response to the unexpected discovery, trustees have announced they will hold a special meeting to repeal the measure. Apparently, attitudes about guns have shifted dramatically in Goreville, Ill., over the past three decades.

This move stands in stark contrast to other small communities across America. The small town of Nucla, Colo., for example, recently passed an ordinance that mandates gun ownership for all citizens.

The constitutionality of these laws – both the ones that ban firearms in homes and the ones that mandate firearm ownership – is highly questionable. Banning firearms outright fundamentally goes against the Second Amendment, and a government requiring people to own certain products is a serious infringement on personal liberty.

These small communities can get away with passing such strict laws because they are too small to earn the ire of state and federal legislators. Local legislators should know not to pass these ordinances – all-or-nothing gun laws would get shot down at the state and federal levels, so why should local laws be any different? 

Source: CBS St. Louis


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