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This Is The Deadly Game Two Elementary School Students Were Caught Playing (Video)

Two Illinois boys were found in the bathroom of their Barrington school playing a potentially fatal “hanging game.”

The boys, ages 7 and 8, hung themselves by their shirt collars from the hooks on bathroom stalls in order to get a lightheaded rush.

Officials at Countryside Elementary School said the boys were evaluated to make sure they were unharmed and the students who found them twisting from the hooks were counseled, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"To prevent this from happening again, all bathroom stall door hooks were permanently removed at Countryside Tuesday evening and will also be removed at all other elementary schools," the district said in the statement.

"Parents, please join us in cautioning your children that this game -- while seemingly fun and innocent to a young student -- is a very dangerous act,” the district said. “A child may not understand the life-threatening risk of hanging by his or her shirt collar and twisting around."

Sources: Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News


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