Illinois to Become a Constitutional Carry State?

Gun control politicians are racing against the clock to prevent Illinois from becoming another Constitutional Carry state. This would be quite a reversal in policy – currently, Illinois is the only state that has an outright ban on concealed carry.

There are fewer than 30 days before legislators pass the judicial deadline for extending the gun ban. A federal court order that found the ban unconstitutional gave lawmakers until June 9 to fix the laws. If no laws are made by this time, then Illinois could become a Constitutional Carry state.

Technically, the attorney general and Union County law enforcement officials would be the only groups unable to pursue legal action against people carrying firearms, but everyone else would have a pretty strong case with no active law in the books.

Gun rights activists may be impatiently watching the clock, but lawmakers still have plenty of time to throw a new law together. Sen. Kwame Raoul, a Democrat from Chicago, is already in the process of editing an earlier concealed carry proposal. Additionally, spokeswoman Rikeesha Phelon said that discussions with Senate Democrats could produce a plan that could get a vote within days.

Gun control has been a hot topic in Illinois, but it wasn’t until tragedy struck that gun rights activists were able to produce a meaningful change in the laws. In 2009, a woman was beaten and left for dead while at work. The woman had training and permits to carry a concealed weapon, but was unable to arm herself because of Illinois law. She sued the state and won, putting Illinois Democrats under a deadline to update the laws.

Of course, the scramble to create a new gun control law might be a moot point. Attorney General Lisa Madigan could attempt to appeal the ruling. She has until June 24 to make the decision.

But there have already been enough delays. If the Democrats continue to sit on their hands, then gun rights proponents could secure a landmark victory the Prairie State.

Source: Canton Daily Ledger


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