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Uber Driver Arrested For Rape And Robbery

Uber Driver Arrested For Rape And Robbery Promo Image

On Jan. 17, California authorities arrested an Mexican illegal immigrant Uber driver for raping and robbing multiple young women.

Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez, 39, allegedly assaulted at least four victims between ages 19 and 22 in December 2017 and Janurary 2018, reports KSBY. According to reports, at least three of the victims were intoxicated, 

Authorities say Alarcon-Nunez, who also went by the name Bruno Diaz, specifically targeted parties so he could solicit rides to inebriated women.

"Predators like we have in this case, can come and beat the actual driver to the scene, pick up the [unsuspecting] person, and take them to their homes and like we had here happen," explained San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow.

After arriving at their homes, Alarcon-Nunez would then reportedly attack them before stealing their valuables, such as cell phones, computers and jewelry.

To avoid being caught, Alarcon-Nunez would collect payment through a Venmo account under the username "Brush Bat."

Authorities said there could be additional victims.

"We actually have evidence that we've obtained in this case, some forensic cyber evidence with information that causes us to know that there are other victims out here," Dow said.

Authorities encourage those with information about other incidents involving Alarcon-Nunez to call Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-7867 or the District Attorney’s Office at 805-781-5821, The Tribune reports.

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Alarcon-Nunez now faces 10 felony charges, including forcible rape and first-degree burglary.

The suspect is now being held at San Luis Obispo County Jail. While his bail was initially set at $200,000, prosecutors are now asking that it increase to $1,470,000.

His preliminary hearing is set for Jan. 29.

Uber has since released a statement in response to the alleged crimes.

"What police have reported is absolutely horrifying, and something no person should ever have to experience," said an Uber spokesperson. "We have been working with law enforcement to provide them with information for their investigation, and the driver has been permanently removed from the app."

Nevertheless, for some, the incident raises concerns Uber may not be thoroughly checking the backgrounds on their potential drivers.

After arresting him, authorities soon learned Alarcon-Nunez is a Mexican resident who was living in the country illegally after having been voluntarily deported from New Mexico in 2005. It is not known how long he had been living in the U.S. previous to his capture.

"If those companies are not conducting adequate background checks to make sure that they know the true identity of people who are driving, then those consumers -- those of us that use those services -- we don’t know for sure whether or not we’re at risk," said Dow.

Sources: KSBY, The Tribune / Featured Image: Mark Warner/Flickr / Embedded Images: Alexander Torrenegra via Wikimedia Commons, Elekes Andor/Wikimedia Commons

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