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Ex-Deportee Jailed For Killing 10-Year-Old Texas Girl

A relative of a Texas girl whose body was found Nov. 5 following a widespread search was jailed as local police continue to unearth details about the girl's disappearance and death. 

Kayla Gomez-Orozco's body was found in a well near the home of her uncle, Gustavo Zavala-Garcia in Tyler, Texas, police officials stated at a press conference held on Nov. 6. The 10-year-old was last seen attending a Nov. 1 prayer service at the First Assembly Church located in the nearby town of Bullard, NY Daily News reports.  

Zavala-Garcia is in custody on an immigration hold with no possibility of bond; he was found to be in the United States illegally, local police said. He is believed to be the last person to have seen the child alive and is the main suspect in the girl's death.

A representative for law enforcement told KETK, Zavala-Garcia had snuck back into the United States after being deported in 2014. The deportation took place after he'd served a month in jail for assaulting his wife, a cousin of Kayla Gomez-Orozco, the Daily Mail reports. 

"He voluntarily accompanied law enforcement officers to be interviewed. Upon the completion of the interview, a federal immigration detainer was issued for his detention," Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith commented to the TV station.

The suspect's wife Esther Zavala told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that her husband and daughter attended the Nov. 1 prayer service, which she did not go to. 

"Kayla bent down to hug (my daughter) and said, I'll see you Friday. My husband buckled her up, and said, 'We're leaving." Zaval said, according to the Daily Mail.

Search crews looked for the girl for days. A Texas Amber Alert was also issued. 

Police officers believed she was in "grave danger" when she was first reported missing. 

Smith said that Justice in the case will be "swift and thorough."

"There will be no stone unturned as we enter the next phase of the investigation," the Sheriff added.

Sources: The Daily Mail, NY Daily News / Photo credit: WFAA

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