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Illegal Drug Site 'Atlantis' Advertising on YouTube (Video)

Underground web sites that sell illegal drugs are flourishing, but it is usually a chore to find their exact location on the internet.

The illegal drug site, Silk Road, requires users to navigate through the sites such as to find the correct URL, which could be hard to do if the user is high.

Once a user finds their way to Silk Road, numerous illegal drugs are available, such as weed, ecstasy, opiates, stimulates and acid, reported

However, one illicit drug web site is coming out of the shadows and brazenly advertising on popular sites such as YouTube. Atlantis has uploaded a cheerful sales video (below) touting the virtues of getting "high as a kite."

According to, the video's text reads: "Meet Charlie. He's a stoner, and recently his job made him move cities, and he can't find any dank buds."

"We want to bring attention to the site and bring our vendors more buyers," Atlantis' CEO stated on the social media site "Law enforcement is going to be aware of us [and probably already is] regardless of the way we choose to put our product out there."

Illegal drug web sites use virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, which allow users to protect their identities. Most of these black market drug sites also require people to use, which allows for anonymous web serving.

Atlantis claims to have made $500K in sales since it opening in March.

It is hard to say how long Atlantis' video will be on YouTube, whose terms of service state: "Don't post videos showing bad stuff like animal abuse, drug abuse, under-age drinking and smoking or bomb making."

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