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Ikea Monkey's Owner Says Monkey Should have "Right to Choose" Where He Lives

A rhesus monkey named 'Darwin' recently became famous after he escaped from his owner Yasmin Nakhuda's car in the parking lot of an Ikea store in Toronto, Canada on Sunday.

Darwin was photographed walking around in a sheepskin coat. He was later captured by animal control officers and placed in a primate sanctuary.

Nakhuda told the National Post: "He needs his mother like a child needs his mother. How do we know what he needs unless he's given the right to choose? I think he should be given the right to choose. If he chooses something else than me, that's fine. For me, it has never been about me, it has always been about him."

Nakhuda said she tried to return Darwin to the breeder who supplied him, but changed her mind after hearing his cries. She added that Darwin slept with her.


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