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IKEA Recalls 27 Million Deadly Dressers

In July, Consumer Reports urged the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to force a recall of a particular dresser made by furniture retail giant IKEA. This came following the third child death caused by the manufacturer’s Malm dresser, which had tipped over and landed on the young victim in each case.

“Both IKEA and the CPSC were aware of the safety concerns with this particular furniture line prior to this latest incident,” stated Consumer Reports in its demand.

The watchdog group went on to note that the Malm IKEA dressers do not meet the furniture industry’s own safety standard, which requires that each dresser drawer, while open, withstand fifty pounds without the unit tipping over.

Curren Collas died in February 2014 when he was pinned against his bed by a falling six-drawer Malm chest, reports the Daily Mail. The death of Camden Ellis in June of 2014 was caused by a three-drawer Malm chest. In February 2016, Ted McGee was also crushed by a Malm dresser.  

In July 2015, following the first two Malm-related deaths, IKEA began offering free anchoring kits to prevent the dressers from tipping over. The company then launched a public relations campaign called “Anchor It!” reported The New York Times.

The Times quoted Ikea’s United States commercial manager, who stated, “At IKEA we are committed to helping raise the awareness of this serious home safety issue and to continue to provide consumers with the tools and knowledge they need to prevent these accidents.”

Finally, four months after the latest death, Ikea has issued a recall for some 27 million of the suspect chests and dressers, offering a refund or store credit, reports the Daily Mail.

Source: Consumer Reports, Daily Mail, The New York Times / Photo credit: Jackie Collas/Facebook via Daily Mail

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