Waitress Receives Hateful Note From Teens (Photo)

A waitress from Virginia says she received a rude and hurtful message from a group of high school students, who also left her no tip.

Rachel Mau, a server at a Virginia Beach IHOP, told WTKR that she served a group of high school students on Dec. 12. She says she tried to be nice to the students, but later received a hateful message.

"It's very hurtful," Mau told WTKR. "I've never actually experienced anything like that so it really hurt my feelings. I'm a really friendly person, and I try to be nice to all my tables."

On one receipt, the high school students simply wrote, "Nah," in place of leaving a  tip. On the other, she received a more cruel message.

"Build that wall, Trump Daddy," the other note read. Mau is of Filipino descent.

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"I know they're younger, but I feel like they shouldn't treat people differently because of race," Mau said.

She told WVEC, "I just can't believe people are that bold to put something like that on a credit card receipt, especially since it didn't seem like anything was wrong. If they had a problem with something I was doing or how I looked, they could've asked for someone else."

Mau says she served the same group of teens the night before without any issues, but when they returned the next morning, it was a different story.

"I didn't know if I did something wrong while I was waiting on them or anything," she said. "I was shocked they would even have an opinion like that being in high school. I don't think it's respectful to write that about anybody at all."

Mau says she hopes by sharing her story, people will be made aware of how hurtful words can be and why people should always treat others with respect.

"I feel sorry for people who do experience this," she said. "I now know how they feel, and that's why I want to spread the word on why you shouldn't treat people like that."

Sources: WTKRWVEC / Photo credit: WTKR

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