Ignore Salvation Army Bellringers this Holiday Season


The holiday season is fast approaching, and that also means those annoying bellringers from the Salvation Army standing in front of retail stores asking for your loose change and a few extra dollars to help with their "charitable work." 

The truth of the matter is their work is hardly charitable, and has deep motivations that run past just the distribution of food and clothing. The truth about the Salvation Army is much deeper, and it's one (particularly those of us who are opposed to theocracy) should be opposed to. 

The truth of the matter is that the deeper motivation of the Salvation Army is to Christianize America and turn it into a theocracy. They also take extreme anti-choice, anti-LGBT stances with strong political agendas and feed some of their proceeds to anti-choice and anti-LGBT groups, and they also never miss the opportunity to proselytize to those who are seeking support from them. Further, they openly discriminate against non-Christians who try to volunteer for them (which they are perfectly allowed to do being a private organization). 

The Salvation Army is potentially one of the most sinister, insincere, and downright evil "charities" that plague society today, and are not deserving of your donations. Instead, take your donations (money, clothes, food, etc.) this holiday season to secular charities (or otherwise religious charities whose mission statement does not include evangelism/proselytizing/political activism). There are much more deserving charities than the Salvation Army. 

I regret every penny I ever donated to those evil bellringers and wish I could take it all back. The Salvation Army does not deserve your money, my money, or anyone else's money. Let's take a stand against this evil organization this holiday season, and show them we do not stand for their agenda of theocracy in America. 


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