If You Start To See Ziploc Bags Filled With Pennies, Here's Why They're Up There (Photos)

Not much can ruin a summer barbecue, except flies.

Pesky flies run rampant in the summer heat, flying around your burgers and hot dogs and landing on your BBQ ribs. 

No need to worry, however, because an Instructables contributor detailed a homemade way to keep flies out of your backyard BBQs for good.

“You can buy expensive bug zappers but why when you could take the safe and humane approach?,” the user wrote. “Just by taking five minutes, you will have a fly-free BBQ.” 

You’ll need a plastic sandwich bag, paper clips, water, lime juice, salt and some pennies, the Instructables user explains.

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The first step is to put two and a half cups of water in a bowl and add two teaspoons of salt and lime juice.

“Add two or three squirts of lime juice,” the user wrote, according to NX2. “There is no exact amount, it just keeps the pennies shiny. Stir this mixture to blend it all together. It will just look like regular water but by adding these ingredients its effects will last longer.”

After mixing the salt and lime juice with the water, pour the mixture in a sandwich bag until it’s nearly full. Before zipping the bag shut, drop the pennies inside. Then, hang the bag in the backyard using a paper clip hooked into the bag. 

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Though it’s not known what exactly about the mixture in the bag keeps flies away, it has been proven to work.

Try it out and enjoy your BBQs like never before.

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