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Deadly Booby Traps Found In Popular Park (Photos)

After a resident stumbled upon various deadly booby traps over the past month, authorities warned New Jersey residents on Aug. 4 to be careful while hiking a popular park trail.

A Wayne, New Jersey, resident found booby traps made of various sharp objects, ranging from nails to broken bottles, at High Mountain Park Preserve, reports.

"The resident states that since June 23 he has found wooden boards hidden beneath the surface of the trail with screws/nails protruding, broken bottles placed along the trails behind or next to rocks or logs, and rope and barbed wire strung across pathways," Wayne police Capt. Laurence W. Martin said.

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It appears whoever set the traps may have intentionally done so to cause harm, although it has not been confirmed.

"Some of these were placed just under the ... surface to injure persons on foot or disable bicycle tires," Martin said. "The barbed wire and rope that was strung across the pathways raises the threat to serious injury or death."

The trail’s upset supervisor, Bob Simpson, says he recalls finding a nail only a few weeks ago, the New York Post reports.

“[I’m] very angry, yes -- and they ought to be in jail,” he said.

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Police detectives say they are investigating further, but advise the public to be cautious.

"We are asking the public's assistance to be mindful of these styles of booby-trap hazards," Martin said.

Authorities request anybody with information to contact police in Wayne, New Jersey.

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Those who frequent the park often say they are upset and disturbed.

“People go to these trails to seek peace and solitude away from the urban environment, so to speak, and people that do that are just horrible people,” said Rohit Sharma, who walks his dogs there every morning.

Annette James agreed, adding she hopes the people responsible are “held accountable.”

“I think someone is sick to take the time to walk through the tracks and put things [there] that would destroy people or their property,” said James.

Sources: NJ.comNew York Post / Photo credit: Wayne Police Department via

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