If You See This Plant, Avoid It At All Costs (Photo)


U.S. residents were warned to look out for a specific plant that has been known to cause burning, raising and blistering. 

The poisonous wild parsnip has been found growing in large patches across several states. The plant, KWWL reported, is native to Eurasia and related to the carrot family. 

Exposure to the plant can cause itching, burning, blisters, scars and infections. Rashes can hurt for weeks and the scars that occur from exposure can often last for years. 

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“The best defense is to know what the plant looks like and avoid it,” UnityPoint Dr. Maria Teresa Galoso told KWQC.

If a person comes in contact with a wild parsnip plant, it’s important to stay out of the heat.

Destroying the poisonous plants is tricky, as well, and caution should be used when attempting to do so.

“Avoid using a lawn string trimmer to remove it as you’ll get splattered with broken parsnip tissue and have a high exposure to its toxin,” Illinois officials told residents, Your Nation News reported. 

Sources: KWWL, KWQC, Your Nation News / Photo credit: KWWL, Your Nation News

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