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Conservative’s Response To Safety Pin Trend Is This

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Wearing a safety pin as a sign of opposing president-elect Donald Trump has been trending online by “slackivists”, but now conservatives are countering with a move of their own.

Instead of a safety pin, those who support Trump are wearing drinking straws, according to Mad World News. Facebook user Mona Hilton proposed the idea on Nov. 12 and it has since gone viral with over 10,000 shares and more than 5,200 likes.

Hilton wrote:

“To the folks wearing the safety pins for the butt hurt "anti-Trump" protesters, I present MY version of the ‘PRO-Trump’ jewelry line...The ‘Suck-It-Up’ straw...”

The idea appears to be mostly well-received by conservatives.

One user comments:

“Yup. Just like you all did about ‘Not My President’ Obama--who, by the way, was not a threat to gay people, women, religious minorities, or anybody else. We are already seeing that Trump supporters feel empowered to bully people different from them. I'll stop wearing my safety pin when they stop being bullying a$$holes, Mkay?”

Another user writes:

“Seems the only people being bullied are the trump supporters. Take for instance the kids being beat up by hillary supporters. The people being pulled out vehicles and being assaulted for being trump voters. Don't forget the multiple confirmed cases of the Muslim girl lying about being beat up on college campus, the boys breaking into the cathedral and spray painting swastikas and trump on a church also confirmed hillary supporters. How about the case of the 2 people beat in New York for wearing a trump hat. Or what about the guy that was shot and killed for saying he voted for trump? Sounds to me you have turned a blind eye on those attacks and the ones that lied.”

However, not everyone is in agreement. An anti-trump user responds with:

“So everyone can drink up the same cherry flavored shit tRump's been serving to his cult followers ?! Noooo thanks.  And, since all you've got are cliches....'live with it'.”

Sources: Mad World News, Mona Hilton/Facebook / Photo credit: Mona Hilton/Facebook

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