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Police Find THC-Infused Halloween Candy (Photos)

Local police have issued a warning after a man with "significant amounts of marijuana and THC products" was pulled over during a traffic stop.

The suspect was found carrying THC candies in the form of Lego figurines, Global News reported. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical associated with marijuana’s psychological effects.

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The man was identified as Derrick Fullerton of Calgary. He was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking after authorities pulled him over over on Oct. 31. Police found the following items in his vehicle:

2.8 pounds of marijuana

27 THC syringes

14 shatter packages

204 THC candies in Lego figurine form

Five cell phones

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According to CBC, law enforcement officials issued a statement regarding the dangerous candy: "The Tsuut’ina Police Service would like to urge parents to exercise vigilance this Halloween season. The bright [coloring], multiple [flavors] and toy-like composition of the THC candies is a specific concern due to the attraction it may pose to children."

Parents have been told to contact police or RCMP if they come across any suspicious candy.

Sources: Global News, CBC / Photo credit: Tsuut'ina Police Service via Global News

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