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Ohio Residents Paint Road Blue To 'Back The Blue'

Ohio residents are showing their support for police officers by painting the middle of the road blue.

The trend started in Findlay, Ohio, Mad World News reported. Local residents painted the middle of a road blue to show their solidarity with law enforcement.

“City of Findlay (Ohio) adds a thin blue line between the solid yellows to back the blue,” read a Facebook post by Ohio Going Blue. “Picture taken on W. Main Cross St. At S. Main just outside the courthouses.”

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Several Facebook users commented on the post, showing their support for the idea:

So cool to see this and the America flags always flying. Wish Toledo would do this.

That is AWESOME!!!! It should be done everywhere!!!

Looks great. What say a few more cities try that. I'd support that in Charlotte, NC any day.

Sources: Mad World News, Ohio Going Blue/Facebook / Photo Credit: Ohio Going Blue/Facebook

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