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Chance The Rapper Unveils Obama-Inspired Clothing Line (Photos)

Chance the Rapper launched a clothing line inspired by former President Barack Obama and his family.

An online shop went up for Chance the Rapper's new clothing line, "Thank U Obama," which pays tribute to the 44th President of the U.S., The Hill reports.

The rapper tweeted photos of himself wearing clothing from the new line on Feb. 2.

Among the pieces in the line are a $35 t-shirt that reads "Malia," the name of Obama's daughter, and the $50 "Obama's Wedding Tee," which features the words "Barack n Michelle" on the front, while the back features the couple's wedding date. 

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"With this project I wanted to timestamp a period in my life where I felt like I can do whatever I wanted to do and be whatever I wanted to be," designer Joe Fresh Goods wrote in a note on the clothing line's website. "The night Obama won his first term gave me so much hope, especially & most importantly as a black man. I decided to make a collection saying 'thank you' and give me something to smile at every now and then when I look in the closet."

After Chance the Rapper tweeted photos of himself wearing clothing from the line to his nearly 3 million Twitter followers, many pieces were placed on back order, while some, including the $150 "Obama All-Star Jersey," sold out.

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Chance the Rapper has been a big supporter of Obama, appearing at the White House's National Christmas Tree Lighting in 2016 and attending several parties at the White House, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Chance told The Hill after a White House party in October 2016 that he and the former president challenged each other to dance-off competitions at each of the White House events he attended.

The clothing line's website features a scrolling message at the bottom of the page that reads: "Do not wear. This is art."

Sources: The HillChicago Sun Times / Photo Credit: Chance The Rapper/Twitter

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