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Model Spends $125K To Look Like A Cartoon (Video)

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A Swedish model has taken extreme measures and undergone multiple surgeries to achieve her ultimate goal: looking like a cartoon character (video below).

Pixee Fox, originally from Sweden but currently living in North Carolina, has spent more than $125,000 to achieve her jaw-dropping 38-16-39 measurements, sculpted face, and “cartoon green” eye color.

And to get her tiny waist, Fox had several ribs removed and wears a corset 24 hours per day.

“I only take it off when I shower or work out,” Fox told Us Weekly.

But her most recent surgery was for her eye color. Fox could have bought contact lenses to get her dream color, but the “body modification artist” wanted a permanent fix. But because that sort of procedure isn't available as a cosmetic procedure in most countries -- it's usually used to correct iris abnormalities -- Fox flew to India to get it done.

“I first heard about this surgery three years ago and as soon as I heard about it I knew I had to have it,” Fox told the Daily Mail. “The color I've gone for is sea green. It's really extreme and something that you couldn't have naturally.”

The eye color-changing procedure, which was conducted by Dr. Suraj Munjal at the Spectra Eye Hospital in New Delhi, India, is permanent.

“‘It doesn't worry me that it is permanent; that's what I like about plastic surgery -- the permanency of it,” Fox said.

Fox, who used to be an electrician, said she has always admired the exaggerated body shape of female cartoon characters like Jessica Rabbit.

“Somebody once came up to me and said, 'Don't take this the wrong way but you look like a cartoon.'” Fox told Bancroft TV. “But for me, it's a compliment.”

Sources: Us Weekly, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Bancroft TV/YouTube

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