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Man Gets Jail Time For Robbing 89-Year-Old Woman (Video)

A Yorkshire, England, man who assaulted an 89-year-old woman and stole her rings from her fingers was reportedly sentenced to 9 and a half years in prison after he admitted to the robbery (video below).

Dwayne Hollingworth, 27, entered the home of Alice Swale, who suffers from dementia and diabetes, after telling her that he was selling discount meat, according to the Daily Mail. The incident occurred on April 6, The Yorkshire Post notes.

Once he had entered Swale's home, Hollingworth reportedly knocked her to the floor and forcibly removed the rings from her fingers, including her wedding band. He also stole her purse.

The crime was recorded by a surveillance camera that Swale's family had installed in her house. After reviewing the footage, police were able to identify and arrest Hollingworth just hours after the incident occurred, The Yorkshire Post reports.

The stolen rings were recovered and returned to the victim.

Detective Constable Lee Sims commented on the robbery, saying:

This was a despicable [offense] against a very vulnerable elderly woman in her own home. The CCTV footage of the incident is harrowing to watch with the victim weakly trying to protect herself as Hollingworth ripped the rings off her fingers.

The incident itself left the victim very shaken and her family was devastated she’d been targeted in this way. Fortunately, as a force we were able to deploy quickly to the incident, conduct house to house and also identify and arrest Hollingworth. I know this was a huge relief for his victim and her family.

The sentence issued by the court shows the severity of the [offense] and highlights that the police, courts and society will not tolerate such crimes.

Swale was so distressed following the incident that she decided to leave the home she has lived in for over 60 years, the Daily Mail reports.

"It's flipping awful, I'll tell you," she told police a day after the attack. "It was terrible. It was bloody painful.

"I couldn’t stop crying all yesterday afternoon. I don't understand these people."

Hollingworth, who was reportedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the robbery, admitted to the crimes in court, and the judge didn't mince words during the sentencing.

"You are a callous individual, devoid of an ounce of common decency," Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said. "Your sustained attack upon Mrs. Swale, an 89-year-old lady, was truly vile."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Yorkshire Post / Photo Credit: Hull Daily Mail via Daily Mail

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