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Teachers Caught Playing 'F***, Marry, Kill' About Students (Video)

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A group of teachers at a Maine school are in hot water after video surfaced of them playing the game 'F***, Marry, Kill' about their students (video below).

RT reports that a group of seven Bangor Public School teachers were secretly filmed while making inflammatory comments about students.  The six-minute video was then posted to YouTube where it has since gone viral.  One teacher has already resigned, two others were suspended, while the remaining four received official reprimands. 

The teachers were allegedly playing the popular game ‘F***, Marry, Kill,’ where an individual is given the names of three people and they have to decide which they would sleep with, which they would marry, and which they would kill.  

During the game, teachers can be heard making comments about the students, calling one "beautiful." One teacher even claimed staff members were having inappropriate relationships with students, including a special needs child.  

According to WZZM, Bangor Police Chief Tommy Simpson claims to have watched the video and does not see any crimes being revealed therein.  "There was a member of the school staff that filed a complaint because she felt threatened by the video," Simpson said.

The school is handling the matter internally. 

Sources: RT, WZZM, YouTube / Photo credit: Matthew/Flickr

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