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Man Lit On Fire During Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

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Possibly the stupidest rendition of the ice bucket challenge was uploaded to YouTube recently and features a man who sets his hair on fire before pouring ice water on top of himself.

The vest-wearing man waving a Confederate flag explains in the video that he’s been nominated to complete the ice bucket challenge, nominates his own friends and then takes a swig from his canteen. After spitting on the ground, he sets his hair on fire.

The man begins to scream and wave his hands around his head. However, he finds little relief when his friend pours the ice water on top of him, since his hair continues to burn.

The man and his friend run off screen and after a few seconds the man can be heard laughing in the distance.

The man then returns to the screen and before ending the video says: “Dude, my hair’s f***ed up.”

The ALS ice bucket challenge has raised almost $80 million. Notable figures from Lady Gaga to George W. Bush have participated in the money-raising efforts for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Gawker


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