IDF Fighters Find Weapons, IDF Uniform In Home Of Hamas Militant (Video)


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) published footage late last week of troops uncovering a tunnel and discovering weapons in and around the home of a Hamas militant.

IDF paratroopers are seen in the video uncovering the tunnel before moving inside the home and finding an Rock-Propelled Grenade (RPG), an anti-tank missile, and IDF uniforms and supplies. The IDF has said numerous times in recent weeks that some Hamas militants are fighting in IDF uniforms.

“We found an RPG underneath the bed, an anti-tank missile, all this in a kit bag,” a soldier says on the footage.

Here is the video:

The conflict in the Gaza strip continues this week. Health officials say roughly 1,800 Palestinians and 67 Israeli's have died in the fighting. 

Source: TheBlaze


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