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Identical Twins Dedicate Their Lives To Pursuit Of Physical Perfection

For most twins, looking alike is just a fun card that nature dealt them. But for identical twins Emma and Sara Koponen, it’s a full-blown obsession.

The Koponen’s, 25, have spent thousands of dollars – and thousands of hours in the gym – tailoring their appearances to their liking. But there’s a catch: no matter what change one of them makes, be it breast implants or a new workout routine, the other must follow suit. 

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“As twins we have to look the same, people have expected that from us since we were children,” Sara told Barcroft TV. “We are both addicted with modifying our bodies - but we have to make sure we both do the same things otherwise we won't match. We are obsessed with surgery and the pursuit of perfection - for us there's no such thing as too much.”

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The Koponen’s have already received identical breast implants and lip filler injections, and they say they’re just getting started. Plans for butt implants, veneers, and rhinoplasty are already in the works. The twins say they’ll never be fully satisfied with their appearances, but will continue chasing the dragon nonetheless.

“I'm proud about how I chose to change my body but I would never let my own child do this to herself,” Sara says. “You will never be happier - that's the point. You will always want more. If you start, you will never stop.”

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The twins have already spent an estimated $22,000 on plastic surgeries. Their future procedures will cost an additional $40,000. Do they have any regrets? None at all.

“The work we have done is for us - it's not about getting men to like us, it's about becoming our idea of perfection,” Sara says. “Some people see our appearance and make assumptions about the kind of people we are, but often they are wrong. We have lots of plans for future surgery - our goal is to look as artificial as a doll by the time we are finished. It's very important for us to make our dreams come true and we have many things we want to do with our body to change it.”

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Photo credit: Barcroft TV, Screenshot, Facebook


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