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Idaho Teacher Facing Discipline For Killing, Skinning Rabbit In Class

A 10th grade biology teacher in Idaho is under heavy scrutiny for snapping a rabbit’s neck and skinning it in front of his class.

The teacher, who remains unnamed, told school officials he killed the animal to show students how food gets from the farm to the table.

“A teacher brought in a rabbit, and did a demonstration about how a rabbit would be prepared as food for a family," Nampa School District spokeswoman Allison Westfall told KTVB.

The teacher also works as a livestock farmer. He told administrators that he only did the presentation because his students asked him to. Regardless, parents and administrators alike are upset that the controversial lesson plan wasn’t run by them ahead of time.

“It's not appropriate in the 10th grade class," Westfall said."It wasn't approved by the administration, it's not part of biology [class,] so that judgment is not appropriate for that type of lesson in the classroom at 10th grade."

The teacher is facing disciplinary actions for the incident.

Sources: KTVB, NY Daily News / Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Flickr


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