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Idaho Representative Proposes Medical Marijuana

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IDAHO - When you hear about marijuana in the news, it usually consists of high speed chases, drug busts, and menacing. But this story is different – there’s a new idea for legislation in Idaho, an idea to legalize medical marijuana.

Representatives plan to introduce the legislation as soon as 2011. Republican Representative, Tom Trail, is hoping to get folks talking about the possibility now, a possibility with very different opinions.

“I can prescribe drugs that have a much greater addictive potential and yet marijuana, that has many benefits for cancer patients, I can’t prescribe it,” said oncologist, Dr. Christian Schull. ”It’s never made sense to me.”

“You know, I’m a conservative person,” said Dr. Schull. “But when you sit down and rationally think about it, marijuana is a much less bad drug than morphine would be – which I prescribe a lot of everyday for management of cancer pain.”

But not everyone is convinced. Local officers only see it as another loophole to abuse the drug.

“It’s a big concern to me because I think it’s already having an impact in the way our youth view drug use,” said D.A.R.E. officer, Deputy Brad Miller.

Deputy Miller is afraid marijuana will become too common, too easy to get a hold of.

“It’s going to change attitudes towards marijuana and make people perceive that it’s safer than it really is,” said Miller.

via New Legislation: Legalize Medical Marijuana – KIFI – Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Jackson WY – Weather News Sports-.

I think Deputy Miller is more concerned that he might have to go back on the streets and solve real crime instead of the easy gig of scaring schoolkids about weed in a cozy classroom.  But yes, Deputy, when you recognize the medical utility of cannabis and stop feeding them reefer madness, people do perceive of it as safer than you claim it is.  Because it is the truth!


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