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Florida Police Accused of Brutality After Violent Arrest

Florida police are being criticized for brutality in light of the violent arrest of a woman charged with a DUI on Aug. 10.

Christina West, 44, was arrested in by officers from the Tallahassee Police Department after driving her car into a house, according to

Police were caught on a dashboard camera slamming West’s head into their car before bringing her to the ground.

West had a broken orbital bone by her right eye when she was taken into custody, though it is unclear whether her bone was broken during the crash or by police.

Fred Conrad, West’s attorney, said he was disturbed by the video of the arrest and that he plans to push for West to receive compensation for the police officers’ actions.

“I was shocked to see this,” Conrad said. “I would never have expected that out of my police department. By and large, most of my officers that I deal with at the Tallahassee Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office are all professional and good cops, folks that I would feel very comfortable with in the event that I needed them as a citizen.”

Conrad did not specify whether or not their will be a lawsuit.

“I can say I intend to pursue just compensation for Ms. West,” he said. “And I can say I intend to do it relentlessly. I intend to make the police department pay for this. This is wrong. And they need to pay for it.”

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