2-Year-Old Black Lab Shot And Killed By Police Officer (Photos)


A man in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is devastated after a local police officer shot and killed his beloved dog.

According to reports, officers responded to a call about a suspicious white van. The caller told police they thought the driver of the van might have been looking at children while parked in a lot. When one officer approached the side of the van with his gun drawn, Craig Jones’ dog lunged out of the driver’s side window, which was partially open, and the officer shot him.

Investigators initially described the dog as a "vicious" pit bull, but in actuality, Jones’ dog was a black lab. Jones, who is the driver of the van, was in a nearby restaurant eating breakfast at the time of the incident, so he was shocked to see that the officer had killed his dog Arfie.

“This still isn’t even real to me,” Jones told KREM 2 News. “If my dog is barking and wondering who's peering through the windows, he doesn't care if you're a cop, an attorney or President Bush. He doesn't know any difference.”

The responsible officer was reportedly “distraught” after the incident, and it is not clear if Jones is planning to file any formal complaint. Police say emotions were high when they received the initial call because they have been on the lookout for a child predator seen driving a white van similar to the one Jones drives.

Sources: KREM, CDA Press, KTVB


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