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Idaho Man With Multiple Animal Alter-Egos Arrested For Having Sex WIth Cat

An Idaho man who wears dog costumes in his free time has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a cat.

The 28-year-old Ryan Havens Tannenholz was charged with six felony counts and a misdemeanor for being cruel to an animal after police arrested him earlier this month for reportedly abusing the cat multiple times, according to the Mail Online.

Tannenholz had multiple animal alter-egos he dressed up as, including a dog named Bubblegum Husky, a blue fox named Kismet Fox, and an unnamed purple dog, according to Mirror News.

Police did not disclose further details about the alleged crime or how they learned about it.

Boise Police Department spokesperson Charles McClure said he thinks that the case is unusual and that his department rarely deals with these kinds of charges.

On a website Tannenholz created for his alter-ego Bubblegum Husky, he talks about his attraction to cats.

“Have you ever been on the internet and seen one of those cat videos?” Tannenholz wrote on the website page. “Bubblegum Husky sure has and man, I'll tell you what, they really get me going!”

Tannenholz could serve up to five years in prison if he is convicted.

Sources: Mail Online, Mirror News


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