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Idaho Deputies Handcuff Two Men for Nickelback Joke (Video)

Two unidentified young men were handcuffed by deputies after joking about the band Nickelback at a gas station in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on June 20.

Apparently, one of the young men observed a third party filling up their vehicle and playing a Nickelback song, which prompted him to say, "That guy's blaring Nickelback" in a sarcastic tone.

His comment was overheard by two Kootenai County Sheriff’s Deputies who claimed he said, "Yeah, a nickel sack for sure." which is a phrase used when buying a small sack (one gram) of marijuana.

The incident was recorded on video (below) notes The Washington Post.

One of the men explained to the deputies that he said, "That guy over there was blasting Nickelback."

"That's exactly what he said, 'That guy's blaring Nickelback,'" the second young man adds.

The deputies refused to speak to the driver who was playing Nickelback and instead handcuffed the men, cursed at them and searched their car.

While handcuffing one of the innocent men, a deputy stated, "He's reaching back quickly and violently into the back of the car. It's a really bad idea to reach back."

The young men were released without charges, but the video has gone viral as a prime example of the absurd failure of the so-called "War on Drugs."

While law enforcement departments usually issue press releases and hold news conferences when they've arrested people for large amounts of drugs, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department is refusing to release the deputies’ names.

"It's being internally investigated. It's a personnel issue," Kootenai County Sheriff’s Lt. Stu Miller told the CDA Press. "We take this type of thing very seriously and we tell our people all the time to do their job as though someone is always watching, and they are always watching."

"The video is only a portion of the incident," Lt. Miller added. "Obviously our deputies are human, they're not infallible, but I've got to make sure the deputies are treated fairly in this as well."

Lt. Miller did not disclose what vital information is missing from the video, nor did he acknowledge that this incident is actually a matter of public record.

Sources: CDA Press and The Washington Post


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