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Ice Cream Man Arrested After Stripping Down To Underwear And Yelling At Children While Intoxicated

A  man was arrested on July 24 in Clarence, New York, after he allegedly drove an ice cream truck around in his underwear and yelled at children. He was also accused of being intoxicated.

Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a complaint against 24-year-old Ryan Duff, from East Amherst, New York. Duff was an employee of the ice cream truck, but not the owner of the truck. The person who tipped off the police said the ice cream truck driver was “screaming at people while scantily clothed,” reports Gawker.

Clarence is a  suburban town northeast of Buffalo, New York. More than one-third of its residents have children.

County Deputies Lee Richard and Daniel Harris responded after individuals complained about the bizarre behavior of an ice cream truck driver.

When the officers arrived they reportedly found Duff in nothing but his underwear.

Scott Zylka with the Erie County Sheriff’s office said in a video report with News 4, “Anytime that you have an individual out in public, dealing with children or just the general public, and all of a sudden they're stripped down to their underwear — that's going to raise a few eyebrows, and it certainly did with us.”

They arrested and charged Duff for driving while intoxicated, according to the police report.

Officers say Duff refused to cooperate with drug testing. A follow-up evaluation at the Clarence substation by drug-recognition expert Simon Biegasiewicz determined the suspect was under the influence of drugs, reports Buffalo News.

Duff is now facing DWI, drug and other charges. He has since been released to a sober driver and is scheduled to return to Clarence Town Court on Aug. 25, reports WIVB.

Zylka told News 4 this is just an isolated incident and that there are no previous complaints against that particular ice cream truck.

Sources: WIVB, Gawker, Buffalo News, Wikipedia / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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