Ice Age Fossils Found At California Construction Site

An amazing discovery was made at a construction site near Carlsbad, California.

At the Quarry Creek development site, dozens of Ice Age fossils were dug up during construction in a lot where hundreds of homes are planned to be built.

Tom Demere, the curator of paleontology at the San Diego Museum Of Natural History, said that the fossils are somewhere from "200,000 to 500,000 years old."

The fossils were discovered in July and Demere believes that there could be more buried at the site.

Among the fossils found were a bison skull, partial bison skeleton, and prehistoric mammoth bones.

The museum said that they plan to canvass the area in hopes of discovering more significant fossils. 

A crew has begun an intense cleaning of the fossils found in Quarry Creek.

Sources: Fox 5 San Diego, Tech Times

Photo Credit: Tech Times


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