'I Would Be Dead Today' — Detroit Woman Shoots Muggers After They Strike Her First

"I said, 'You mother (expletive),' and pulled out (my gun) and started shooting.”

When Paris Ainsworth was shot at outside her Detroit home, she let the shooters know that she wasn’t going to just sit back and let herself be killed.

“One, he was right in the middle of the street. The other one was right here on the (side of the street)," Ainsworth told Detroit’s Local 4 News, describing the location of the two men that approached her Saturday night, intent on robbing her.

Ainsworth, who works in healthcare, had just gotten home after a long double shift. The men approached her as she was about to get out of her car. On guard, the concealed weapons permit-holder tucked her .45 caliber handgun in her pocket.

"He said, 'Don't pull it,' and he shot immediately,'" said Ainsworth.

"He didn't shoot me because he felt that I was going to shoot him. He didn't care. He just shot. He didn't look like, 'Oh my God I shouldn't have.' He just had the devil in him," she added.

The men shot Ainsworth four times, striking her three times in the side and once in the hand—luckily, not her shooting hand.

Ainsworth managed to unload on the would-be robbers, hitting one of them in both legs. Both of the suspects fled and Ainsworth waited for EMS to arrive, applying pressure to her side.

"If I wouldn't have had my gun I would be dead today," she said.

Both men were arrested when they showed up at Sinai-Grace Hospital—the same hospital where Ainsworth was being treated.

Her family, who now jokingly calls her “Rambo,” echoed that sentiment.

"I'm extremely proud of her because she was able to return fire back. She had something to protect herself. If she didn't, she would be dead," said Ainsworth's sister, Twila Ainsworth.

Ainsworth got a concealed weapons permit two years ago and trains with her guns regularly. She still has a scar from when a mugger shot her a decade ago.

While the police do their best, protecting yourself is the only thing you can do, Ainsworth says. 

Sources: WDIV


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